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Applications may be notified under the following circumstances:

  • The applicant can request the council to publicly notify the application. Alternatively, the applicant can request council to determine the application by the Environment Court on the day of lodging the application or before 5 working days after closure of public submissions. Council has the discretion to accept or grant applicant’s request to determine the application by the Environment Court;

  • Adverse effects of the proposed activities are more than minor;

  • Under special circumstances;

  • Restricted coastal activities as specified in regional coastal plan;

  • Notification requirement in a regional plan rule or national environmental standard;

  • Additional information under s92 of the RMA is not received by the council or refused by the applicant; and

  • The applicant refuses to agree for council to commission a report regarding the application or does not respond before council deadline.


Non-notified applications may require affected party approval. Affected parties are determined by the council. If affected party approvals are not gained by the applicant council could limited notify the application. In this case, only the affected parties will be notified.

Non-notified or limited notified applications are decided by council staff under delegation. If applicants are not satisfied with the consent conditions they can lodge objection with the council within 15 working days of granting the consents. The objection will be heard and decided by the delegated elected councillors or a dedicated committee. If not satisfied by council’s decision appeal can be lodged at the Environment Court.

Publicly notified applications will have 20 days for submissions by submitters. This timeframe can be doubled by the council if the applications are considered as complex. If council decides it could arrange a pre-hearing meeting to resolve any issues between the submitters and the applicant.