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Household Continued

However, if we were to make a difference we need that additional knowledge/information. Such a knowledge will also help us avoid breaking the environmental law (RMA) unintentionally.

The purpose of this section is to promote a better awareness of a household person to reduce his/her environmental footprint and to improve overall compliance.

What can you do to NZ’s sustainability?

You can do a lot. There are no excuses. Be focused on what you wish to achieve and how you wish to play your role to sustain NZ.

Energy and water use and wastes are considered as key household issues that have national significance. For example many of you may be familiar with the EECA (Energy Efficiency Conservation Authority) adverts on TV regarding switching to power saving light bulbs. The advert claims that by all of us using power saving light bulbs we could save power which is equivalent to Hamilton City's annual power needs.