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RMA Compliance

  • Use complying fuel burner (i.e. a burner that has been installed under District or City Council permit and that complies with the regional council rules).

  • Avoid excessive smoke from your chimney. Even if you use an approved and legally installed burner, emitting objectionable or nuisance smoke (e.g. by using wet or not fully dried firewood) could be an offence.

  • Use of open fires is not only inefficient but could be unauthorised in certain air sheds. Check with the local regional council rules.

  • Coal burners are known for greater smoke emissions and may not be permitted in your region. Check with the local regional council rules.

  • Do not dispose any of your household wastes outside your property other than designated landfills.

  • Do not burn any prohibited items either in your burner or outdoor. Such items may be listed in your regional councils' Air Plan.

  • Avoid outdoor burning. If burning, be familiar with both Regional and District (or City) councils' requirements and comply with those requirements.

  • Do not dispose any chemicals onsite or around your property.

  • Do not discharge any chemicals, paint or paint washing, 'waste' oils or sediments into any storm water drains. Storm water drains may be either located on your property (to collect roof water) or outside your property on streets or roads.  Storm water drains are generally connected to a waterway or sea hence pollution is generally detectable and harmful.

  • Any new toilet connections will require your local District or City council's permit. Connecting toilet or bathroom discharges into Council's network without permits is illegal and could result in your sewage or bathroom water being discharged into storm water drains (storm water drains generally discharge into waterways or sea).

  • Avoid pesticide spray drift outside your property boundary. Choose a calm day to spray or apply any garden pesticides.

  • Do not divert or dam a stream or install any structures in/on your stream on your property without checking with your regional council.