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  • If waste is to be disposed use proper and complying facilities either onsite or offsite.

  • Require suppliers to provide materials in bulk and in recyclable or reusable packages to reduce solid wastes.

  • If irrigable, use wastewater for beneficial purposes (e.g. produce pasture, coppice etc.) to minimise discharge to waterways.

  • Reduce high biochemical oxygen demand materials from the wastewater stream at the source to reduce trade waste charges (if the wastewater discharge is connected to the council sewage system) or reduce costly and energy/chemical taxing wastewater treatment processes.

  • Try and treat onsite sewage or animal yard waste or any secondary wastewater stream that has faecal input separately to avoid faecal input from the main wastewater stream. Avoiding faecal input into the main wastewater stream will reduce treatment cost and improve reuse of treated wastewater.