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Water Use

  • Minimise water use and monitor, detect and avoid leaky systems. This could reduce wastewater output and pumping, water treatment and water charge cost. Water use reduction will also improve wastewater treatment efficiency where extensive aeration or chemical treatment (e.g. DAF plants) is required.

  • It is worthwhile conducting regular assessments on the impact of water input to wastewater treatment efficiency including running cost.

  • Monitor total water use and water use in different sections of the factory or processing plant to improve water use and delivery efficiency.

  • If possible install water efficient plumbing and water delivery systems including in toilets and bathrooms.

  • Use high pressure hosing for cleaning floors and yards to reduce water use.

  • Monitor and regulate sprinkler systems to control outdoor dust emissions to minimise water wastage.

  • If water supply is short, consider roof/rain water collection systems. Large factories with large roof areas could collect substantial amount of rainwater.