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RMA Compliance

  • Take water within the limits specified within the consents or permitted activity conditions.

  • Comply with storm water, odour, dust, smoke, waste water and any chemical discharge consent or permitted activity requirements.

  • Manage any onsite landfills well above the ground water table and waterways and to the requirements of the regional council.

  • Report and contain all hazardous substances spillages any other onsite spillages that are likely to contaminate water, air (e.g ammonia) or land to the regional council.

  • Comply with consent conditions and renew consents before expiring. Apply for renewal 6 months before consent expiry. This will give you automatic right to continue with your activity until a new consent is granted. If you apply between the period of 6 months and 3 months before the expiry you will be operating with your old consent until renewal at the regional council’s discretion. However, if you apply within the 3 months before the consent expires, your activity becomes unauthorised if the renewal is not granted before the expiry date. In the case of water permits in fully or overallocated catchments and with councils’ sinking lid policy you could potentially lose your water right if you allow your consent to expire.

  • If you have not used your consent within the specified period or 5 years of granting your consent will lapse. Be in touch with the regional council before consent lapsing.

  • Comply with the water measuring device regulation.

  • Comply with the any water shortage directions from your regional council. Such direction are given during water shortage periods.